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  Welcome to my site. I am forever trying to simplify, and update. I am currently doing maintenance on a regular basis, and update as soon as deals are made.

  I have also made available thumbnail tags to cards in my Game Used/Auto's page that are linked to my SCF Inventory Manager. This option is also being added to other ares of my site as well.

My latest maintenance is going to be updating all my Book Values, and Sale Values. I am currently updating these values based on the 2016 Beckett big book values. ***So far the Rookies, Base Set Short Prints, Base Set Parallels, Game used/Autos and Inserts pages are updated. Just have the Base cards to finish up which are set to the 2013 big book values.***

 One thing to keep in mind when trading with me. I have opted to trade for bait in the past, but am now shying away from that as an option. If you have something I want or need then I will to be honest more willing to work a trade. I am also on ebay, and am actively selling there, and buying as well. I can be found there with the same user id as Sports Card Forum(SCF).

I trade exclusively on SCF, and my actual hobby time is limited. If I don't respond immediately to PM's, them usually I'm extremely busy or I'm bombarded with PM's and trying to make responses as quickly as possible.

Here is a direct link to my SCF page:  Goose97

If you are already a member of SCF, and you have your entire wantlist input into the Inventory Manager. Use this link to see if I have anything you need: 

Find all want list available in the inventories!

If you have a particular set, or player you're looking for, then this page will help you find it from me:

Goose97 Inventory Search Link

If you don't have anything input for your want list or don't use the SCF IM, then we can do the old slow boring song and dance by using my site here...

If you are not currently registered on SCF please do so, and use me as a reference!

 My Current ebay listings:

 Here is a direct link to all I have for sale on ebay at this moment:

Goose97's Current ebay Listings!!!

A great hint if you are looking for something in particular while searching is using CTRL+F to single out what it is you are searching for.


  My primary interest is mostly for trade purposes only. However if I have what you need, and you don't have something for trade, I will accept payment. I do subscribe to paypal, as well I would be to accept money through the mail(Concealed Cash). My asking prices are listed. For card lots I will give the usual more you buy, the more you save adage. Shipping is extra based on the method. About 15 cards can be sent safely in a Bubble mailer, and that will cost $2.50 to Canada, $3.50 to the States, $5.50 anywhere else. Over 15 cards, if I can't put in a bubble mailer, and has to be sent as a parcel will cost more depending where in the world it goes. I will also expect payment first before I send. I prefer Paypal friends and family as payment, but do not ask for it. This is necessary to keep costs down, but if you wish to send it as payment, then I ask for the percentage paypal charges as fees. Pricing on my site is listed in US dollars!

  ***The same practice holds true if I don't have anything for trade, and am interested.***

Thank you and happy trading......